You can continue to feed your baby in the mornings and evenings, leaving his or her carer to supplement this with a bottle or cup of water or formula if your baby is hungry or thirsty at mealtime. If you want, you can express milk during the day at work, so your baby can still have your milk when you’re not there. This has the added advantage of maintaining your milk supply for feeding during the day at weekends.

Feed Your Baby at Work

While this is not possible in a lot of jobs, many employers are more than happy to allow babies in the workplace. After all, newborn babies are very portable. With a convenient place for naps, nappy changing and breastfeeding, your routine need not be interrupted. If your daytime carer is close to work, you could also arrange regular breastfeeding visits, eliminating the need to have your baby with you at all times.

Bring Work To Your Baby

Working from home is a great way to resolve any issues associated with breastfeeding and returning to work. This is a modern world and, for the most part, technology allows for many mums to complete their job duties without the need to go to the office. If this is not the case, consider going to the office once or twice a week and working at home the rest of the time.

Utilising Nearby Nurseries or Daycare Centres

Sometimes looking for nurseries near work is more appropriate than looking for nurseries near your home. If your daycare provider is close enough, arranging regular breastfeeding visits might be possible. 

Before deciding which option is best for you, talk to your employer. Most employers will work with you to find an equally acceptable position.