Baby’s First Poo

Among the most unusual baby poo is baby’s first poo. This is because it is made up of something called meconium, which is made up of everything mum ingested while baby was in the womb. This poo will likely be greeny-black and very sticky, even difficult to wipe away. This is normal and will likely last for a few days at least. After that, baby poo can vary depending on your feeding method.

Baby Poo when Breastfeeding

After baby has passed all meconium through their system, their poo will start to change from greeny-black to a lighter greeny-black and then on to a yellow. It is often quite bright. The texture will change too, from sticky to grainy, even loose. The biggest surprise is the smell, which is sweeter than most would expect. This is totally normal as long as baby’s poo remains soft and passes easily.

Baby Poo when Bottle Feeding

There are some slight differences between bottle fed baby food compared to breast fed baby food. The most obvious difference will be that bottle fed baby poo will most likely be bulkier than breast fed baby poo as it is more difficult for baby to digest formula than breast milk (see our breastfeeding benefits pages for more info). Compared to breast fed baby poo, bottle fed baby poo is also a paler yellow or yellowish brown and stronger smelling.

Baby Poo while Weaning

When your baby starts to move on to solid food, you will notice that the different foods they try will have an impact on their poo – especially the colour, which will often mirror the colour of the food. Baby’s poo will also become larger and thicker, more like an adults. You may also notice certain hard to digest foods pass straight through. This will change in time, as baby gets used to different food types. As they do, baby’s poo will also become smellier.

Baby Poo – Warning Signs

As already mentioned, baby poo comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes (not to mention smells and colours). Because of this, it is sometimes hard to tell when something is wrong. Nevertheless, there are a few signs you should watch out for that could be symptomatic of a greater problem.

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