Sometimes a baby cries because he's hungry or uncomfortable. It may be something as simple as lying on an uncomfortable crease in his cot bedding, or being wet. He may have had a bad dream or just needed to see your face. He may even be telling you he wants to go to sleep and doesn't want to be passed from pillar to post! Our helpful advice on how to stop a baby crying includes lots of helpful tips and ideas to help you cope with a crying baby.

Day Time Crying

At three months of age many babies cry for between two and three hours in a day. It seems a lot when it comes all in one go but it will lessen as your baby gets used to the world. Consider the following helpful tips for coping with day time crying.

Night Time Crying

Repeated sleepless or broken nights are one of the biggest sources of stress for parents of young children. Many babies and toddlers sleep less than the accepted norm, but as long as they are happy during their waking hours and do not seem unwell; they do not need medical attention. There are several things you can do to try to improve sleep problems:

Unusual Crying

As time goes by, you will learn to recognise many of your baby’s cries and you will get to know which cries are 'out of character' and may signify that there is something wrong – such as illness or fear.

Never hesitate to consult your health visitor or doctor if you are unable to calm your baby once you have addressed all the usual concerns such as hunger or changing his nappy.