Routine is key to success in potty training. If your child spends time with a child-minder, grandparent or at a nursery, they will have to be involved in the potty training process. This includes making sure your child wears the right clothes.

You will have to decide if you want to switch between nappies and underwear or go with underwear full time. You may also want to try training pants. Many find that the full time underwear method is best as this allows your child to tell when they are wet (similar to re-usable nappies). The disadvantages to this approach are obvious – more washing!

You may also want to encourage naked time. Allow your child to play bottomless, near the potty and encourage them to sit down on it occasionally, especially if they are showing signs of needing the toilet. You may have to steel yourself for the occasional puddle, but the more time your child spends out of nappies the better.